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90 Day Fat Loss Programme

Measuring Waist

 The ShockWave programme is exactly as it sounds...a shock to the system. The goal of the programme is fat loss and that means something different to all of us. Whether it's dropping a few inches from your waist or shredding to the bone for summer, we've got you covered.  


As with regular online coaching, you'll benefit from our downloadable user-friendly app (iOS/Android) where you'll find...


• Your 90 day programme with video links included for every exercise

• 90 days of nutrition coaching

• Access to 75+ delicious healthy recipes

• Access to great fitness, nutrition and lifestyle resources

• Bonus flexibility and mobility sessions


You will also take advantage of...

• The Movement Co 7 step nutrition guide PDF

• A comprehensive nutrition report with calorie and macro targets included

This is not a fad diet and it's certainly not a magic bullet. You still need to work hard and you still move at a safe and steady pace. However, fat loss is the primary focus here.


You can, if you'd like, choose to follow up your 90 day programme with regular Online Coaching in order to figure out how to sustain your fat loss going forwards and/or even focus on other areas such as athletic performance. 

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