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Online Coaching

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Online Coaching has increased in popularity over the past decade and with good reason. It's affordable and offers full support and guidance for the client. 


It's an ideal option for those people find themselves in between training alone and paying for Personal Training sessions. Perhaps you're relatively comfortable being in a gym or training at home but don't really know how to structure sessions or programmes? And maybe you still appreciate and value the support of an experienced health and fitness professional, despite being a competent trainer yourself?

Online Coaching with The Movement Co offers incredible value for money, bringing together over a decade of experience in the Health and Fitness industry for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training sessions.   


You'll benefit from our downloadable user-friendly app (iOS/Android) where you'll find...


• Your programme with video links included for every exercise

• Ongoing nutrition coaching

• Access to 75+ delicious healthy recipes

• Access to great fitness, nutrition and lifestyle resources

• Bonus flexibility and mobility sessions


You will also take advantage of...

• The Movement Co 7 step nutrition guide PDF

• A comprehensive nutrition report with calorie and macro targets included

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