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David Carr


I've had an interest in sports for as long as I can remember and tried many throughout my early years from Karate to Baseball and everything in between. However, I started playing competitive football at 5 years old and that remained a constant in my life until my early 20's. 

By around the age of 15, I had developed an interest in Martial Arts and went on to achieve my black belt in both Kickboxing and Filipino Martial Arts, with some Muay Thai fights thrown in over a 10 year period. However, these days it's just the punch bag or mitts for me as I attempt to stay injury free avoid getting punched in the face where possible (easier said than done when sarcasm is your superpower!).

I've trained in a gym since I was old enough to become a member and I always loved being in and around that environment. I wasn't always comfortable and often felt intimidated as a young skinny teenager, watching bulky experienced men (and women) throwing weights around.  However, I managed to channel my discomfort in the right way by chatting to people and finding out what they were doing and why. This helped me to develop a basic understanding of how to train and look after my body which I am still continually building on. 




With over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry working with a hugely diverse range of people from all over the world, I'd love to say I've seen it all but I know that's not true. However, I've seen so many people up close attempt to positively change their body (and mind) that I have an idea of what works and more importantly, what doesn't. Success leaves clues after all!


I've come to believe that the key to successfully improving yourself physically involves grasping 3 areas...


Accept the condition you are in right now. 

I don't want to hear, 'I was in great shape last year' or 'I used to run 60 miles a week.' 

What shape are you in and how do you feel about yourself TODAY!?

If you feel negatively about yourself today, accept that you need to change and that you'll likely need help to do so, but at that same time accept that YOU are the only one who can take action!


I'd much rather my clients were consistently good than occasionally perfect.

The 'perfect' diet will for most people cause urges and cravings to build and build until there is no option but to cave. The 'perfect' training plan will likely stress you physically and mentally to the point you'll lose motivation to train. 

'Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

- Robert Collier'


Rome wasn't built in a day...and neither is your dream body, so cut yourself some slack!!

Quick change is very rarely lasting change when it comes to body composition. Slow and steady progress is definitely the way to go.

You need to remember to be kind to yourself because if you've got as far as making positive changes then I have nothing but respect for you. 

In the demanding, fast paced world we live in these days, people want results yesterday. However, that's very rarely possible when it comes to body composition improvements and even when it is, it's very rarely sustainable. 

My coaching philosophy is simple.


- The clients needs are always more important than my wants.


- Every client is a completely unique individual and should be treated as such.  

- It's supposed to be enjoyable. It's ok to laugh and have fun :)

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